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About Us

Synergistic Therapeutics is a multi-tiered specialty therapeutic pharmaceutical company providing pharmaceutical preparations to meet and exceed the expectations of patients, clinics, healthcare institutions, and physicians. Synergistic Therapeutics provides a resolution that other pharmaceutical products cannot fulfill, and was created to offer pharmaceutical products that are not available. We are poised to provide precision and personalized medicine to patients.

Synergistic Therapeutics, LLC specializes in manufacturing and formulating topical and sublingual pharmaceutical solutions. The company produces personalized and commercially available medications to solve problems for patients and practitioners, offering solutions for a variety of complications, including Depression (MDD & TRD), Hair Loss, Nerve Pain, Pain Management, Substance Abuse Disorder, and more.

Components have been previously approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Aseptic processing allows us to maintain sterility in accordance with the FDA's Compliance Policy Guide (CPG) for all components during the manufacturing process. We constantly monitor our facilities with environmental microbiology sampling and routinely test our staff and their sterile techniques. Because our laboratories have access to pure-grade pharmaceutical components, overall costs are dramatically reduced, allowing us to be a low cost provider of commercially manufactured medications.



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