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Cresere  | Hair Growth

The Problem
Hair loss is a very common condition and affects most people at some time in their lives.  In the past few years medicine has made advances to slow or stop hair loss and generate hair growth.  Many people will try various “snake oils” that promise to stop hair loss and re-grow hair.  Unfortunately, most of these products do nothing and are a waste of money.  However, there is an alternative method available that does not involve hair replacement surgery. By applying the topical formulation directly to the scalp will allow the medication to penetrate the affected area and work to reduce or stop hair loss and begin regrowth.

Synergistic Therapeutics offers Cresere, a topical solution that slows the loss of hair and generates new hair growth.

  • Superior Results: higher percentage of patients have realized hair growth.

  • Localized Treatment: the treatment remains focused on the affected area.

  • Speed of Effect: the ingredients are absorbed directly to the affected area.

Why Cresere?

Cresere is a beneficial topical pharmaceutical composition with unique properties that suppresses inflammation while increasing blood flow providing high scalp penetration with no irritation. Cresere promotes hair growth and slows hair loss in a significantly higher percentage of patients promoting substantial results.

Patent Status (USPTO):

Notice of Allowance and Patent issued.

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