Felicita Treatment for Depression & Anxiety

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Notice of Allowance and Patent issued.

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The Problem

For many people the persistent feeling of sadness or loss of interest that characterizes Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) or Treatment Resistant Depression (TRD) can lead to a range of behavioral and physical symptoms. These may include changes in sleep, appetite, energy level, concentration, daily behavior, or self-esteem. Depression can also be associated with thoughts of suicide. Anxiety is a mental health disorder characterized by feelings of worry or fear that are strong enough to interfere with one's daily activities. The mainstay of treatment for these conditions is usually medication, talk therapy, or a combination of the two.


Synergistic Therapeutics offers Felicita, a medicated sublingual lozenge to treat anxiety, depression (MDD & TRD), postpartum depression, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and/or bipolar disorder. 


• The medication is absorbed via sublingual administration.

• No pills to swallow that may upset the stomach.

• Flavors are added to enhance taste and may improve digestion.

Why Felicita?

Unlike other antidepressant and anti-anxiety treatments, Felicita provides an immediate effect, whereas other therapies that require 4-6 weeks of administration to achieve desired results. Felicita may provide a higher efficacy rate than other therapies while positive effects are immediately realized than current available treatments. This is achieved at the most effective cost compared to other therapies or treatments.