Minervo  | Neuropathic Pain Lotion

The Problem
Neuropathic pain can stem from a variety of wounds or diseases that affect the samatosensory nervous system. Abnormal sensations or pain from normally non-painful stimuli may be associated with neuropathic pain and may occur episodically or continuously. Neuropathic pain sensations may include feelings of "stabbings" or "electric shocks", burning, coldness, numbness, itching, and "pins and needles". Common types of neuropathic pain include fibromyalgia, sciatica, diabetic neuropathy, chemo-induced neuropathy, shingles, HIV-induced neuropathy, and neuropathy from injury.

Synergistic Therapeutics offers Minervo, a topical formulation comprised of a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory and NMDA receptor antagonist, in the form of a lotion that eliminates the vast majority of these pain complications.


• High Skin Penetration: the treatment works deep into the affected area.

• Minimal Irritation: ingredients are absorbed without harmful effects to skin.

• High Stability: thorough dissolution of the active composition.

• Localized Pain Relief: no need for oral medication to treat affected areas.

Why Minervo?

Minervo is superior to competitors on the market because of the unique components in its formulation, which contains commercially and pharmaceutically acceptable agents that avoid many side effects of other neuropathy treatments.



Patent Status (USPTO):

Notice of Allowance and Patent issued.

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